Attending schools around the country Adam presents an entertaining, engaging multimedia presentation full of practical and sensible tips on career planning for young people; which has at its heart that fulfilment is the greatest currency and that if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. This one hour multimedia seminar helps students find their motivation and provides a clear road map to realistically achieving a students dream job; even if they don't know what that is yet. Adam also outlines the importance of your personal brand, the power of goal setting and the incredible opportunity of being young. Targeted at students from year 10 up; and utilising experience from 15 years in the private sector and the university system, the talk is delivered in a light, age appropriate style with clear language so that students can take away a definitive plan of how to achieve success on their own terms.

Our year 10s loved Adams talk. He has the credentials that make him both the real-deal and his dynamic delivery made him relatable to our students. I would highly recommend Adam as an engaging presenter who is able to build motivation and encourage students to seek authentic happiness in their future career. Christie- Careers Department. ST JOHN BOSCO COLLEGE.

We’ve had Adam in a couple of times and his content and delivery always resonate well with our students. He’s knowledgeable, passionate and the tone of the seminar always keeps the students engaged. David- ENDEAVOUR SPORTS HIGH SCHOOL.



Utilising the foundation of his popular and successful in-school seminars Adam can take the knowledge gained from 15 years in the private sector seeing just about every job imaginable and tailor the presentation to the needs of the young person in your house; based on their specific career profile and current academic results. Standard thinking is that you do as well as is practicable at high school, then go to Uni or TAFE and decide down the line which career you are going to pursue. This is putting the "cart before the horse" . Adams practical six step program uncovers what career a student should pursue, based on what motivates them personally, with a view that fulfilment in the greatest currency there is in life and sets practical, realistic steps to achieving that career. Adam can come to your home and the maximum group size is 5.

Our students found it very engaging and I believe it really enabled them to reflect on their own goals and career aspirations. Adams models, contemporary examples and direct, relaxed style of communication spoke to them authentically and holistically, giving them a clear path forward on their vocational journey. Steven Smith- Vice Principal- KIRRAWEE HIGH.

We noticed a direct and tremendous turnaround in our son after meeting with Adam. He was in a deep hole and really didnt know what to do next. Adam was able to provide him with clear and practical direction- he was both sympathetic and pragmatic. Whatever he said, it worked, and my boy is now on the right path. I would highly recommend engaging Adam. Ian- CASTLE HILL.



I saw Adams talk today at my school and it really got me inspired to think about my future.
— Lauren- Year 11 Student

event facilitation

Adam has attended conferences across the world and has an intimate understanding of what makes an excellent conference facilitator. Metronomic timekeeping, a well researched approach to the subjects at hand and an encouraging, engaging rapport with the speakers. Adam is available to facilitate your conference.


Always a dynamic and pertinent thought leader, Adam is able to turn the room into a hive of action and debate in a remarkably short period of time.  Using an engaging and direct approach, Adam brings the room together, hits them with informed and relevant material and then leaves an echo long after the session. . Dr. LEE STYGER. Sydney Business School.







Being host of the largest independent single NRL club podcast has seen Adam commentate NRL matches in an online live stream capacity. With a professional yet relaxed delivery and a deep understanding of internet live streaming Technology Adam is excited to join the Steele Sports team to commentate Newtown Jets games in season 2018.


The call of the Sharks Manly trial was awesome! So much better than the regular roll call of football callers and their bias and agendas. NATHAN- football fan.





A noted business professional who is a natural, dynamic speaker with 15 years experience in manufacturing, process improvement, digital marketing, b2b sales, media content production and live presenting. Lecturer in the executive MBA program for UOW focused on marketing trends. Host and creator of SharkCast TV and Radio. Passionate about developing young people to their potential.

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